Hello there, I’m Pushpinder.
iOS Developer,
and a Student.

I'm a pre-final year student at Netaji Subhas University of Technology currently studying computer engineering.

As I've grown as a developer, I've gotten a lot of experience with working with teams on open source projects. Through my journey, I have learned a lot from the developer community over at twitter and beyond.

Through these experiences, I've had the opportunity to create memorable products that are not only enjoyable to use but are written in code that's maintainable and easy to understand.

Apart from software stuff, I love to capture and edit photos. I also relish reading memoirs and self-help books. I also watch a lot of YouTube, like really lot. Although recently I am trying to cut back on it.

My Skills

Through my studies, I've gained a solid understanding of computer science concepts, and have dedicated a lot of my free time to apply these concepts to some of my own projects.









What I've been working on

I like to stay busy and always have a project in the works. Take a look at some of the applications I've dedicated my time. To work see more of my work, visit my



A iOS Application for SpaceFlight Enthusiasts


A find app for freelance gigs, internships and jobs. Currently Work in Progress.


Inspired by Paul Hudson's iDine App, A app that will help you decide where to dine.